A big house with a beautiful backyard is everyone’s dream. And you may be halfway through to achieve it. You probably have a big house already, but every time you look out the window you get disappointed, somehow. It’s like your backyard is missing something. You can’t pinpoint what it is: it’s big, green and there might be an opportunity to build something there… but it’s not good enough. If you can’t spot what it is you are missing back there, this list will give you 7 ideas to brighten your backyard and finally achieve the full-package house you truly deserve with a luxury outdoor living spaces!

A pool… with a little extra.

This is the easiest way to turn your average backyard into something completely different. A pool is a great thing to have during the summer. And it can be a great thing to have if you can heat it during the winter. If you have kids, they’ll love to use it during hot summer days. And if you don’t, you can enjoy it by yourself or with friends when you invite everyone to your next pool party!

If you want to take things into the next level, a pool alone might not cut it. But what about adding a little extra to the pool? A Jacuzzi might be the right thing to make a huge difference in your future parties!

Add a pool house on the side to spice things up.

Now, if you already have a pool, there’s not much to do there… or is there? Whether you have kids or grownups using your pool regularly, you know how much of a hassle it is to have them come and go inside your house while they are soaking wet. They might need to use the bathroom or are exhausted from all that swimming and want to lay down for a while. You can avoid all pool-related issues with a pool house! It also looks great next to the pool. A pool house is rather simple, it’s like a room for anyone using the pool: a bathroom, a TV and a couch. You might add a bar as well, and you are all set! A pool, with a nice pool house bar is certainly luxury outdoor living!

Go beyond a patio cover with a pergola.

The sun can be really harsh during the summer, but you might not want to stay inside all the time, especially if you have such a beautiful green space waiting for you. If that’s the case, a pergola might be the thing you need right now. A pergola is an elegant structure designed to provide shade during the day. It’s the perfect thing to have if you don’t want to get sunburn. And it’s a really simple structure as well: it’s a roof supported by columns. The term “pergola” might be used to talk about patio covers, but they are not the same thing. A pergola is way more beautiful!


Fire things up with an external fireplace.

Imagine this: you are with your significant other, enjoying a breath of fresh air during a cool autumn night. You are both enjoying yourselves, feeling the warm embrace coming from your fireplace. You can also have long talks that last well into the night with friends and family, and every once in a while, you look up and see the sky full of stars. You can live these beautiful scenarios yourself if you build an external fireplace in your backyard. It’s the perfect thing to have, especially if you like to use your pool during the night – forget about using towels, dry yourself slowly next to your fireplace as you get relaxed and ready for bed. A fireplace will keep you warm no matter the weather and it’s a beautiful thing to admire.


Bring the party outside with an outdoor kitchen.

Everyone loves a good barbecue. You probably have a grill somewhere around your house. But that’s not really what you want to use if you want to have a real outdoors party. Especially when you have to keep coming back to your kitchen for food and ingredients. You can forget about going back inside and missing half the party if you build an outdoor kitchen — that way you can cook great food and keep in touch with your guests at the same time. Plus, everyone loves the smell of good food, especially when they are outside!


Greet your guests with a beautiful gazebo.

If you don’t know what a gazebo is, don’t worry – most people don’t. Or rather, they don’t associate the term “gazebo” with what it is. If you ever took a walk in the park, you probably saw one. A gazebo is an octagonal-shaped structure, made up of columns and a roof. It’s quite similar to a pergola, but they are not the same! A pergola’s columns are one next to the other in a row, while the gazebo’s circle themselves. It’s a great thing to have if you don’t want a big pool house, but still want someplace where you can sit, relax and enjoy an evening after swimming around the pool for a while.


Custom Home Building Considerations

If you’re having a custom home built, planning for these luxury outdoor spaces now will save you A TON of money over waiting until your house is built to begin considering outdoor spaces. Things like drainage, septic, well, plumbing and electrical (both high and low voltage) can throw a real wrench in the layout and budget for new outdoor living spaces. If you plan around them from the planning phase, you’ll get a much bigger bang for your buck and have more luxury outdoor living to do! As premiere luxury home builders, feel free to contact us if you need a little more guidance in this department.


Go all out with a full outdoor living spaces renovation.

If you truly want to make your backyard the best one in the neighborhood, a single idea is not going to make that happen. You are going to have to go all out. We are talking about a full renovation of your outdoor spaces with a beautiful pool with a jacuzzi at the end; a beautiful pool house or a gorgeous gazebo next to it; an outdoor kitchen ready to go anytime you want to have a great party; and a fireplace and sitting area for a more intimate gathering with your close friends or family. The idea is to split up your outdoor living space into individual gathering areas, but each area should “flow” into the other. So even if your projects need to be done one by one, have a plan going into the first to accommodate for all.

It may be the dead of winter here in Maryland, but NOW is the time to start planning for your summer living outdoor spaces! All you have to do now is look outside your window and picture how you want your backyard to look in three or six months from now, and make the right calls!