What are the Best Golf Courses in Maryland?

The best golf courses in Maryland are The Links at Lighthouse Sound, Bulle Rock Golf Club, the Congressional Country Club and Lake Presidential Golf Club.

Why are these the best golf courses in Maryland?

The Links at Lighthouse Sound, Bulle Rock Golf Club, the Congressional Country Club and Lake Presidential Golf Club are the best golf courses in Maryland because of the vibrant history, incredible seafood, and sophisticated architecture they each bring to the table – all three things that define Maryland. This is only but one side of MD – there’s also another, more exclusive side of the state. One that you might get to enjoy if you can afford a more affluent, luxurious lifestyle. On this side, you will find expensive restaurants, opulent experiences, and a fair share of great golf courses for you to play on. If you want to improve your handicap, there’s no better place to do it in Maryland – and there are no better golf courses than these Top 4 in MD:

what are the best golf courses in maryland


The Links at Lighthouse Sound – Nature’s best

This golf course is often ranked somewhere among the top 5 picks of all golf lists throughout the internet – but it never gets the number one spot. So, it is time to do this magnificent, incredibly-beautiful course some justice.

Directly facing the Atlantic Ocean, The Links will not only astonish you with its gorgeous blue horizon but with its natural diversity as well. There are few other golf courses – if none at all – who share such an alluring landscape throughout all 18 holes.

The Links offers a challenge to experienced players who dare to try their best – both inexperienced and veteran golfers alike will find it rather difficult to gracefully maneuver through beginning to end, as a demanding pace increases until you reach the 18th hole.

Both breath-taking and challenging, The Links is the golf course you must visit in Maryland.


Bulle Rock Golf Club – The Nation’s pick

If you are a golf enthusiast, you probably heard about this golf course. It always makes an appearance on every top list throughout the country. Maryland’s top 10 golf courses, America’s Top 50 golf courses, you name it – Bulle Rock Golf Club is bound to place somewhere in the upper tiers.

It is no coincidence this golf course keeps reaching high-ranks everywhere: it is always in top condition and beautifully maintained – its green fields will greet you like no other, inviting you to play the gentleman’s game across its 250 acres.

You should check out Bulle Rock Golf Club if you ever have the chance, and you will understand why it’s such a high-ranking golf course on every list.


Congressional Country Club – The meeting point

The third spot is for everyone. It is also for people who want – or need – a challenge.

The Congressional Country Club used to be deemed too hard. Incredibly hard. It presented such a difficulty people stopped going there. Because of that, it needed a complete overhaul – and that’s what this golf course had. What once was a redundant, defeatist uphill-battle is now a clear view for everyone. The moment you stand on a tee is the moment you see everything: the hole, the hazards, and everything in between.

Most people would take the easy way out and plan their game as this course leaves everything in plain sight. Everything is for the eye to see; if you are an experienced golfer you won’t have much of a challenge – unless you create one: veteran players can attempt to disregard all visible hazards and go for the hole-in-one 18 times, and see how far they fare.

The Congressional Country Club is for people who want a different experience – either by having an easy ride all the way into the 18th hole or by enduring through a gruesome, challenging, and tiring experience where every shot you take is the best shot – and hazards be damned.

It is the perfect meeting place for beginner and veteran players to share an equally interesting golf course.


Lake Presidential Golf Club – The real challenge

The Lake Presidential Golf Club presents a real challenge. This isn’t like the Congressional Country Club – if you decide to embark on the most difficult side of the Lake Presidential, you need to be both mentally and physically ready for a challenge – or you might break before you try to reach the 18th hole.

Regardless, you can enjoy easier courses and have a more family-oriented day, as the Lake Presidential Golf Club offers tees for all skill levels – no matter who you are or how long you’ve been playing, there’s a spot for you at Lake Presidential!

And, once you are finished throughout all 18 holes, you can rest at their Bistro & Bar, a tranquil and beautiful restaurant to enjoy a well-earned drink and delicious food.